Through Barbed Wire

Through Barbed Wire:
The Story of Arnie King
“We believe that he would be of even more help in our community.—Massachusetts State Rep. Gloria Fox
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Commutation of Sentence Latest Info:
5/20/11 - Advisory Board of Pardons decides 5-2 vote against commutation (more).

10/7/10 List of Speakers

2007 Hearing
Chronology of Petition History
  Oct. Hearing Transcripts/Board Opinion
Testimonials of Arnie King (20 min)
Video by Jay Cleary and Kazi Toure

Through Barbed Wire (6 min)
Video produced by Emerson College Students Kyle Cramer and Allie Rosenberg
Summary by Marva King and Sven Bursell
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Exceptional Strides
  • Curriculum Vitae of Arnold King

I Beg Your Pardon by Gavriel B. Wolfe,
Article on Executive Clemency in MA from   
Boston College Third World Law Journal (pdf)

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