Through Barbed Wire

Chronology of Arnie King's efforts to have his sentence commuted granting him eligible for parole release

Posted Jan 4, 2009

Warm Greetings! I hope you're healthy and in good spirits! The following is the partial chronological listing of the commutation project.

Dec-87 - Atty Linda Giles (now a Judge) submitted a request for a hearing on commutation of sentence to allow petitioner to become eligible for parole

Nov-89 - Request denied

Nov-90 - 2nd request submitted by Atty Edward Berkin

Dec-91 - Request approved

Jan-92 - Date set for Public Hearing June 22, 1992

Jun-92 - Hearing held at Parole Office in South Boston

Apr-96 - Petition rejected unanimously

Dec-97 - 3rd request submitted by Atty Edward Berkin

Jul-98 - Request denied

Jul-01 - 4th request submitted by Atty Edward Berkin

Mar-02 - Request approved and hearing date set for 4/18/02

Apr-02 - Hearing held at Parole Office in South Boston

Oct-02 - Advisory Board recommends 3-3 to Governor Jane Swift

Jun-03 - Petition denied by Governor Mitt Romney, effective Jan 2003

Feb-04 - 5th request submitted by Atty Ed Berkin, Northeastern Law Professor Margaret Burnham, and Harvard Law Clinical Director Soffiyah Elijah

Jul-04 - Public Hearing held at Old Colony Correctional Center (minimum) in Bridgewater, MA

Nov-04 - Nicole K. Racki (Executive Clemency Coordinator) wrote letter and enclosed opinion (4-3 favorable recommendation to Governor Romney)

Feb-07 - Ed Berkin wrote letter to Chairperson Walsh about status of 2004 petition

Feb-07 - Julie Pease (Massachusetts Parole Department) sent notification that petition was closed, effective Jan 1, 2008

Jun-07 - 6th request submitted by Attys Berkin, Burnham, & Elijah for commutation hearing with Executive Secretary

Aug-07 - Julie Pease (Massachusetts Parole Department) sent notification of the Oct. 25 hearing scheduled date

Oct-07 - Public Hearing held at Parole Office in Natick, MA @ 10 am.

Dec-07 - Maureen Walsh, Advisory Board of Pardons Chairperson, wrote letter and enclosed 6-0 unanimous recommendation to be forwarded to Governor Deval Patrick

Dec-08 - Boston Globe & Herald report that Governor Patrick rejected the Advisory Board recommendation

For more than 20 years, this included community meetings within a variety of neighborhoods in Boston and Cambridge, fundraisers, interviews with the media, and presentations at several colleges and schools.

A few folks have been present during the entire journey, while many have joined with us along the way. During each step, we have progressed and combated against the odds to provide a unanimous vote for commutation to the office of Governor Patrick.

His December 17th decision was disappointing because of high expectation for approval of the Advisory Board of Pardons recommendation. A new petition will be filed as soon as possible and this effort will continue to display enthusiasm and build momentum.

Please do not hesitate to suggest, critique, or promote activity in behalf of the commutation project. Thanks for being present.

One Love,

Please read and sign the petition to support Arnie King’s request for commutation of sentence