Through Barbed Wire  

Community Support

After more than 30 years of imprisonment, a growing number of people believe Arnie King has changed, is a positive contributor to society and therefore, should have his sentence commuted granting him eligible for parole. Some of those supporters have the following to say:

“We believe that he would be of even more help in our community”.Massachusetts State Rep. Gloria Fox, Legislative Black Caucus

“Mr. King's life experience as an agent of change is a positive, constructive example that can engage and motivate some of our unreachable young Black teenagers.”
The Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, Inc.

“He has accomplished educational goals, created sound mental health for himself, and in healing himself is able to heal others.”Max Horvet, Youth Coordinator of the Town of Milton

“From the perspective of having worked with undergraduates and graduate students, as well as others in the community for more than a half century, I am convinced of Arnold King's worthiness for favorable consideration by the parole board.”George Makechnie, Dean Emeritus, Boston University

…Someone who really ought to be in the streets and in working with people…” —Professor Mel King

“Why Mr. King? He is a master teacher and his subject area is life.  We need people with his understanding and his capability among us to help us all grow.”Chuck Turner, Boston City Councilor

“There’s not many people that you come across that can help you out with life situations. And that’s mainly what we’re dealing with as young teens in the community.”Salim Elijah, a teenager and member of the "City School" Program

“ just him sharing his life story, and giving us insight, it’s really changed all of our lives.”
Joel Lewis, Teenager and member of City School's Prison Empowerment Program

“The concept of rehabilitation seems more than fulfilled by Arnie's generous example.”—Todd Fry, Youth Educator

“I believe Mr. King is in a very unique position to reach out to people at risk, to serve as an example of what not to do, and to help prevent further homicides.”Remy Cushing, member of Murder Victim's Families for Reconciliation

“Arnie is a gifted teacher, because in addition to his profound insight, Arnie brings his heart, and young people see clearly how deeply he cares about their well-being.” —Justin Steil, Youth Educator

“I found him to possess exceptionally sound coping skills in every setting and situation, in one-on-one encounters, as a group member, a group leader, as a student, and as an instructor.”—Janet I. Jones, Counseling Educator

“I have known hundreds of men and women in prisons and jails across the country. Few have shown the commitment to family and community like Arnie King.”—Linda M. Thurston, Researcher and Advocate

“I can imagine no useful purpose served by his continuing imprisonment. He has earned his freedom; and we need people like him working among us.”—Barry Phillips, Professor

“I see in Mr. King an enormous resource for my colleagues and those of us who work with young men and women.”Glenn Koocher, Massachusetts Association of School Committees

“[Many] would benefit from contact with Arnie, whose experience and counseling skills could help them redirect their lives.”Susan C. Griffith, Senior Lecturer at Lesley University

“...and I can assure you that I will be part of Mr. King's support system, if he is granted commutation and returned to the community.”Massachusetts State Rep. Byron Rushing, Legislative Black Caucus

Please join us and sign the petition to support Arnie King ’s request for commutation of sentence.